Stash-it goes live!

We’re incredibly excited to see Stash-it live in the app store this week, and want to send a big congrats to Helen Bui, Stash-it’s Founder and CEO, as well as to the Tanooki Labs team, specifically Chris Ricca and Cody Carson who put so much thought and effort into helping make Helen’s vision a reality.

Stash-it helps young professional women save money to fund their lifestyle, and the Stash-it iOS app provides easy-to-follow tips and tracking tools to help you reach your goal. The Tanooki Labs team worked closely with Helen to build the app in under four months, focusing on delivering the best product possible for Stash-it’s users while keeping a close eye on timeline and budget.

We’re passionate supporters of Helen and her vision, and we believe she’s creating a new category of "financial fitness" applications with this app, and expect great things to come. We can’t wait for all that’s in store for her and Stash-it, and we’re incredibly proud to have been part of this project!

You can download Stash-it here!

-The Tanooki Labs Team

Stash-it sample iOS images

Stash-it sample iOS images