Developing Huntsy - A job hunting workflow

Tanooki Labs co-founder David Renz conceived Huntsy before joining QLabs, where he and Eric first began working together, based on Dave’s experiences in his own job hunts.

Huntsy helped people “get organized, and get employed faster” by providing a workflow that emulated what the best job hunters do. It helped ensure that applicants tracked each job, followed up appropriately, and stayed organized even when the amount of applications they were juggling could become overwhelming.

Built in ~6 weeks, the site utilized cutting edge frontend techniques to ensure a snappy experience for users while leveraging a traditional Ruby on Rails backend stack to speed development. It also incorporated a bookmarklet and browser extension to facilitate easy adding of jobs from anywhere on the web.

Both Dave and Eric were heavily involved in Huntsy’s development from initial wireframing through final deployment - you can even catch Eric doing the voiceover for the pitch video above!